September 17-20, 2013
Sheraton Sand Key Resort
Clearwater Beach, Florida

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Information for Speakers

SPEAKER INFORMATION AND INSTRUCTIONS                                              Printable PDF

Knowing the set-up will prevent difficulties with your presentation and contribute significantly to the success of the conference. If you have any questions or special requests please notify me as soon as possible. Mandy Stage Tel: 352-392-5930; Email:

Presentation Time

  • Click Here to and locate your name as the presenter.

When reviewing your presentation time:

  • Allow the first couple of minutes of your presentation time for speaker change, and introduction by the moderator.
  • Allow the last three minutes of your presentation time for a question or two by audience members.
  • Example: If your presentation is 40 minutes on the agenda, the actual presentation should be about 35 minutes.

Session Room Set-up

  • The general session will be held in three portions of the Grand Ballroom - Beach, Gulf and Palm rooms
  • The room will be set mostly “classroom style” with tables and chairs.
  • Anticipated attendance is roughly 450 people.
  • Speakers will be on a raised platform facing the audience. 
  • For participants’ optimum viewing, two screens to project dual imagery will be set, one flanking each side of the raised platform. Speakers will be located between the two screens.
  • Speakers will be able to see their presentation through a monitor positioned beside the speaker podium.
  • Important: Due to the difficulty of physically ‘pointing’ to duel screens, it is strongly recommended that any emphasis is made using PowerPoint application features such as highlighting, an arrow, circling of an object and etc. When creating, be sure to use “on mouse click” instead of “automatically after x seconds”.
  • Speakers will have the option to stand behind a lectern (podium) with a microphone, or to wear a lapel microphone to allow movement. The moderator will assist speakers with the microphones.
  • Speakers will be provided with a Wireless Remote Control to advance & reverse PowerPoint slides.
  • Speakers will not be operating a laptop from the stage. All visual presentations will be loaded in advance. The AV operator will open each speaker’s PowerPoint presentation to the first slide. Speakers will then use the Wireless Remote Control to advance and reverse PowerPoint slides.
  • Speakers are requested to remain for their full session as there may be questions at the end of the session.
  • While there is no formal seating, the first row of seats will be reserved for speakers and moderators for convenient access to the stage.
  • Speakers should check-in at the conference registration upon arrival to the Sheraton Sand Key. The registration will be located in Sand Key Room.

Audiovisual Equipment Reserved and Available

  • One Wireless Remote Control to advance and reverse your PowerPoint slides.
  • One PC laptop with Microsoft PowerPoint with 2010 Application. (The laptop will be located at the AV operator table and controlled by an AV operator.)
  • Two Projection Screens and Computer Projectors connected together for duel imagery.
  • One Podium Microphone and One Lapel Microphone

    NOTE: Internet access is not reserved for presentations.

Session Moderators and AV Operators
Each session will be facilitated by a moderator who is responsible for keeping speakers on time. Please plan to arrive prior to your session’s published start time and introduce yourself to the moderato so they know how to properly introduce you. An AV operator will operate the laptop and projection equipment for your presentation.

Non-commercial Nature of Program Sessions
ICBC educational sessions provide the opportunity for open dialogue and exchange of ideas among members of the citrus processing and related industries. As you develop your presentation, please minimize direct reference to your company or product, and instead focus on technology and information that is relevant to the entire audience. Speakers are also requested to focus on sharing knowledge, ideas, lessons-learned and best practices that have industry-wide application.

Bring PowerPoint file on Flash Drive to the Registration Room 24-hours Prior to your Presentation

  • Important:  Bring your PowerPoint presentation 24-hours prior* to your talk to the conference registration room located in the Sand Key room. Staff will ensure your presentation loads and projects correctly, and familiarize you with the wireless remote that you will be using. (*Wednesday morning presenters may bring their talk in Tues. evening from 4-7pm, or Wed. at 7:30am.)
  • Your presentation will be set-up in advance to facilitate a smooth transition from one speaker to the next.
  • We encourage you to use the laptop offered by the conference. If you must use your own laptop, please contact Mandy immediately. [You will need to bring all cables and test your laptop 24-hours prior to your talk to avoid disruption to sessions.]

PowerPoint Presentations

  • Embed graphs or figures into the document as independent objects; do not dynamically link from other programs.
  • Please limit file size to 30MB or less. Photos for slides can be compressed and saved in a lower resolution.
  • Upon conclusion of your talk, the hosts and the program committee are requesting your PowerPoint presentation for educational purposes. By agreeing to share your presentation, you will be furthering the education for the Citrus Industry. PowerPoint slides will be converted to pdfs, and placed on the conference website. Due to software compatibility difficulties, video files CANNOT be included in the PDF version.  
  • If you plan to use video in your presentation at the conference, please note:
    1. Acceptable video files are: Real Player; Media Player; QuickTime
    2. Try to limit any one video file size to 50 MB or less
    3. Save video files using your last name to ensure association and loading.
  • Disable any automatic advance timer on your file.
  • We will accept files on jump drives or CDs. Label your jump drive or CD with your contact information.

Color Shifts
Due to different resolutions of laptops and projectors, color shifting can and will occur. Please be aware when creating the presentation that the colors may change somewhat when projected.  Also, note that conference will be using the 2010 version of Microsoft PowerPoint. Please review the following information on how presentations saved in an earlier version of PowerPoint may be affected.

Features that are lost when you open a presentation created in an earlier version of PowerPoint can be found at the following link:

Tips for Developing Your PowerPoint Presentation

  • To ensure your presentation is easily visible from any seat in the room the following font sizes are suggested:
    • Title: Bold Typeface minimum 40 pt size
    • Subtitles: Bold Typeface minimum 32 or 36 pt size
    • Text and Figures: Bold Typeface minimum 24 or 28 pt size  
  • Note: San- Serif fonts e.g. Arial or Verdana are easier to read in a large room
  • The 6x6 readability rule: no more than six words per line and six lines per “page” (i.e., Arial font size 40).
  • Use upper and lower case letters rather than block: ALL CAPS CAN BE DIFFICULT TO READ.
  • Lines that are used for emphasis should be bolder than background lines or borders.
  • Use contrasting text and background colors (white or yellow text on blue or black background).
  • Avoid using the color red as it tends to bleed into the background and is generally difficult to read.
  • Paragraphs should be clearly separated using a blank line. Lists should be organized using figures, dashes or bullet points. Please keep in mind that graphics and charts must be read from a considerable distance.
  • To ensure a safety zone for over-projection, leave a ¼-inch border, with no text or graphics, around your slide. Otherwise, logos close to the border of your slide may be cut off.
  • For a quick readability check: Stand back ten feet from your 14” monitor. If you cannot read the text clearly, your point size is too small for projection.
  • Images inserted into PowerPoint should not be stretch to make it larger; ensure your images are not fuzzy or dark.

Questions or Assistance
Mandy Stage; Tel: 352-392-5930, Email:

Printable PDF

Post-Conference Information

Detailed Agenda
(with Speaker Presentations )

Program Book
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for the next ICBC!

September 16-19, 2014 Sheraton Sand Key Resort
Clearwater Beach, Fla.

More information will be forthcoming in 2014

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