Basic Service FAQs

Every conference has unique requirements, so if you have questions, the best thing to do is call us directly at 352-392-5930. We’re here to help!

Getting Started

Q: What does Basic Service entail?

A: Basic Service is a cost effective means for smaller groups who are in a position to handle their own planning and coordination logistics, but need help with receiving, receipting and processing registration payments. For a per registration fee, OCI will receive registrations, record credit card or payment transactions, reconcile deposits, issue receipts, send confirmations, maintain a registrant database and make participant nametags prior to the conference. The faculty member is responsible for all other facets of planning including site selection, meeting logistics, promotion and publicity, web site development, printing and graphics, onsite management, budgeting and paying for expenses incurred. Simply put, OCI handles registration processing only.

Q: How do we get started and what information does OCI need in order to provide us with a Cost Estimate for Basic Service?

A: Call our office at 352-392-5930 to schedule a meeting to discuss the details of your conference.

Promotional Materials & Website

Q: Who do I work with to create promotional materials?

A: We recommend you contact the UF/IFAS Communications Services Graphics Department to assist you with the development and design of brochures, logos, signage and other printed items.

Q: Who designs the full website for promoting my event?

A: Your departmental graphics or IT staff member designs the website and includes a link to the the online registration form created by OCI.


Q: How do I provide invited participants with registration materials?

A: OCI will create an online registration form tailored specifically to your group. Unless specific arrangements are made otherwise, all registrations must be made online.

Q: What information is sent to participants?

A: OCI issues a Standard Confirmation Email to registered participants.

Q: How will I know how many people have registered for my program?

A: We will provide you with a username and password so you can access your web based conference registration list and other essential reports 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Otherwise, you may email your request to your OCI contact or call OCI and ask for a registration report. Anyone at OCI will be able to generate a report and email it to you immediately.

Q: How do we handle onsite/walk-in registrations?

A: Because OCI does not provide onsite registration assistance for Basic Service Groups, you will be provided with a supply of onsite registration forms. Your staff can set up a registration table at the meeting site and ask walk-in participants to complete a form and indicate credit card information on the form or attach a check for payment. When needed, we can also invoice a company after the conference is over to obtain their registration payment. Upon conclusion of the meeting, forward the completed onsite registration forms to OCI, and we will process payments and email receipts. This method makes onsite registration easier for you and your staff and eliminates the need for you to track money and issue receipts.

Fiscal Arrangements

Q: What if we incur expenses before the meeting takes place and need money to pay advance bills?

A: Should this happen, contact your Basic Service Coordinator to request an advance payment of fees collected by OCI. (Note: Refund amount cannot exceed the amount collected as of the request date.)

Q: How do we get the money OCI has collected from registration fees?

A: After all registration fees have been collected and usually within 45* days of the conclusion of your conference, OCI prepares an Actual Cost Report itemizing actual registration numbers, deducts its processing fee for handling those registrations, and issues a refund check for the remaining balance payable to the University of Florida. IFAS requires these excess funds be deposited into an IFAS Extension incidental account (182 fund). If you are working independently with a state association or society, we can also direct the remaining balance to an external non-profit organization. Then your accounting department processes payment for all expenses incurred.

* This may take longer in the event we experience delays in collecting payment from registrants.

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