America's Inner Coast Summit -- June 22-24, 2010 -- St. Louis, MO

Summit Overview

Shipping VesselThis conference builds on a recent action document developed by the Midwest Natural Resources Group (MNRG), an ‘Opportunity for Action’ letter, signed by the 14 Federal agencies that make up MNRG, dated 28 May 2009.  The letter is a multiagency statement recognizing the importance of the Mississippi River and watershed, and a call to action for sustainable efforts.

This conference will also build on the recent Visions of a Sustainable River Conference hosted by the National Great Rivers Research and Education Center in August 2009 and the recently released Mississippi River Commission Vision Statement, as well as Sand County Foundation sustainable partnership efforts with private landowners and industry.  It is expected that this Summit will lead to the next steps for greater alignment of interests and actions in the MRV.

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Summit Background


Summit Need

Geographic Scope

Potential Outcomes

Foundation Documents
    & Efforts

Midwest Natural Resources Group — Opportunity for Action Letter

Mississippi River Commission Vision Statement

Monsanto Commitment

National Great Rivers Research and Education Center (NGRREC) Watershed Visions Conference

The Nature Conservancy Great Rivers Program

Nature Conservancy MOU

Sand County Foundation - Partnering for Ecosystem Sustainability

Sand County Foundation MOU

Vision for a Sustainable Mississippi River Watershed: Meridian Institute Interviews Findings and Recommendations

Executive Summary: Great Rivers Partnership - June 2010

Mississippi River Network: Headwaters to Gulf