America's Inner Coast Summit -- June 22-24, 2010 -- St. Louis, MO

Summit Need

Mel Price Locks and DamBisecting the Continental United States, the Mississippi River provides a key route for transportation of agricultural products, bulk commodities, and manufactured goods. The river is a route and habitat for many migratory birds, fish, and animals. The river transports soil, nutrients, and other materials from its massive watershed into the Gulf of Mexico and is an unmistakable jewel in the Nation’s water infrastructure 

Much attention, resources, and money has been directed to America’s outer coasts compared to America’s Inner Coast, the Mississippi River. There is a need for a shared vision and long-term plan to protect and improve the resources of the river, its watershed, and the saltwater habitat into which it flows. The Summit will also explore barriers and constraints to a Mississippi River watershed effort.

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Summit Background


Summit Need

Geographic Scope

Potential Outcomes

Foundation Documents
    & Efforts

Midwest Natural Resources Group — Opportunity for Action Letter

Mississippi River Commission Vision Statement

Monsanto Commitment

National Great Rivers Research and Education Center (NGRREC) Watershed Visions Conference

The Nature Conservancy Great Rivers Program

Nature Conservancy MOU

Sand County Foundation - Partnering for Ecosystem Sustainability

Sand County Foundation MOU

Vision for a Sustainable Mississippi River Watershed: Meridian Institute Interviews Findings and Recommendations

Executive Summary: Great Rivers Partnership - June 2010

Mississippi River Network: Headwaters to Gulf