America's Inner Coast Summit -- June 22-24, 2010 -- St. Louis, MO

Summit Introduction

River & ShoreThis Summit brings together Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), federal agencies, states, tribes, large private landowners, private industry, academia, and community representatives who are concerned with the future ecological sustainability of the Mississippi River Valley (MRV), and ultimately, the entire Mississippi River watershed. 

The goal of the Summit is to develop high-level recommendations to be considered in developing sustainable MRV projects and initiatives including influencing Federal, state and local guidelines and policy.  This Summit will also further the exchange of information regarding progress and barriers/constraints on current projects, programs and activities. 

This first Summit is by invitation only. This is a reflection of: 1) the need to keep the conference attendance at a reasonable size to enable effective work groups as the foundation course is set for future watershed efforts; 2) an effort to restrict geographic scope to keep the meeting focused on the Mississippi River mainstem; 3) the limited availability of financial resources; 4) the need to keep this first effort at an overall manageable size and 5) the importance of encouraging diverse yet balanced representation without having too many attend from one perspective/sector.

It is the intention at future watershed summits to increase the attendance size and geographic scope as momentum is gained and eventually pull in the entire watershed. We regret any inconvenience and fully recognize that all interested individuals could not be invited. Summit results will be posted on the AICS web site and all can participate on the Facebook media link.

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Summit Background


Summit Need

Geographic Scope

Potential Outcomes

Foundation Documents
    & Efforts

Midwest Natural Resources Group — Opportunity for Action Letter

Mississippi River Commission Vision Statement

Monsanto Commitment

National Great Rivers Research and Education Center (NGRREC) Watershed Visions Conference

The Nature Conservancy Great Rivers Program

Nature Conservancy MOU

Sand County Foundation - Partnering for Ecosystem Sustainability

Sand County Foundation MOU

Vision for a Sustainable Mississippi River Watershed: Meridian Institute Interviews Findings and Recommendations

Executive Summary: Great Rivers Partnership - June 2010

Mississippi River Network: Headwaters to Gulf