America's Inner Coast Summit -- June 22-24, 2010 -- St. Louis, MO

Summit Facilitators

River BoatThe U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mississippi Valley Division (MVD) and Sand County Foundation (SCF) are the Summit meeting facilitators. 

MVD is a uniquely positioned Federal Agency in that the entire main stem of the Mississippi River is within one office boundary and that the Corps has an Ecosystem Restoration mission. 

SCF brings to the table world-wide experience in coordination and collaboration and SCF signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with MVD in March 2005 to in part, take advantage of said SCF experience. Both MVD and SCF would act as bi-partisan meeting facilitators for this MRV focused Summit effort. 

Sand County Foundation was founded in 1965 and has expanded from caretaker of land surrounding Aldo Leopold's family farm to advising the managers of hundreds of thousands of acres in several countries. The Foundation works with private landholders to improve the quality of their land, water, and wildlife through science, ethics, and incentives.

The Mississippi River Valley Division encompasses districts in St. Paul, MN, Rock Island, IL, St. Louis, MO, Memphis, TN, Vicksburg, MS and New Orleans, LA. The MRV is responsible for preparing engineering and ecosystem restoration studies and design, constructing, operating, and maintaining flood control and river and harbor facilities and installations, administering the laws on civil works activities, acquiring, managing, and disposing of real estate, and providing mobilization support of military, natural disaster, and national emergency operations.

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Summit Background


Summit Need

Geographic Scope

Potential Outcomes

Foundation Documents
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