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Program Topics

The following topics will be represented during the ACES and Ecosystem Markets Conference. In addition to these topics we welcome submitted abstracts that represent other pressing issues in ecosystem services, particularly those in natural sciences. Additional sessions will be formed from the open call for individual abstracts.

World Café Topics:

  • Getting the Ecosystem Services You Pay For
  • Integrating Ecosystem Services into Energy Development Planning and Mitigation 
  • PES: Making Them Work
  • Software to Support Ecosystem Service Planning and Management

Session Topics:

  • Approaches Comprehensively Assessing Ecosystem Services 
  • Breaking the Silos to Build Water and Biodiversity Metrics Across Boundaries  
  • California’s Regulatory Carbon Market
  • Communicating Ecosystem Services 
  • Current Business Engagement with Ecosystem Services
  • Designing a PES Program for Water Management Services on Ranchlands in Florida’s Northern Everglades 
  • Development of an Environmentally Advanced Basin Model in Asia 
  • Ecosystem Service Based Approaches for Catchment/ Watershed Management from the Local to National Levels
  • Ecosystem Service Values and their Use in Development Decision-making and Regulatory Analysis 
  • Ecosystem Services and Land-Use Policy
  • Ecosystem Services and Sustainability 
  • Ecosystem Services and their Influence on Civil Works Water Resources Planning 
  • Ecosystem Services at the Landscape Scale: Unusual Partnerships 
  • Ecosystem Services Go Local
  • Ecosystem Services in an Urban Environment 
  • Ecosystem Services Version 3.0: Valuation to Governance in Action
  • Ecosystem Services: So, What's Next? 
  • Emerging Best Practices to Make Water Quality Markets Work
  • EPA’s Economic Analysis of Climate Policy
  • Harnessing the Power of the American Restoration Industry 
  • How Ecosystem Services Can Help to Stem the Nitrogen Cascade 
  • Integrating the Value of Nature into Business Decision-Making
  • Katoomba Dialogues: Watershed Payments in Peru 
  • Military Training, Rural Lands Conservation, and Ecosystem Payments 
  • Models of Governance for Water Management, Ecosystem Services, and Resilience  
  • National Atlas for Sustainability 
  • Natural Resource Management, Science-Based Decision Making, and Ecosystem Services: Advances and Challenges  
  • Natural Resource Markets 
  • Payment for Ecosystem Services and Rangelands in the Western US
  • Practical Use of Ecosystem Services in Policy and Decision Making 
  • Putting a Price Tag on Adaptation
  • Quantifying Ecosystem Service Benefits of Conservation Programs
  • Resource Dependency, Risk Management, and Corporate Sustainability 
  • Restoring Water Quality and Ecosystem Services in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed 
  • Spatial Subsidies from Migration: A Foundation for Conservation Markets 
  • Taking Ecosystem Service Markets to Scale: What Will it Take? 
  • The Private Financing of Ecosystem Services 
  • The Relationship of Ecosystem Services to Natural Resource Damage Assessments (NRDA) 
  • The Role of Ecosystem Services in Management Decisions
  • Unlocking Private Capital for Land Conservation and Rural Economic Development in the US
  • We Live by the River, Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council  
  • What Socio-Economic Values of Coastal and Marine Ecosystem Services are Needed for Effective Decision-Making? 
  • Where Buyers Are Coming to the Market - Moving Beyond Pilot Trades
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