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Call for World Café Sessions
Deadline: April 13, 2012

World Café Sessions provide a more interactive presentation environment through the use of rotating presentation stations. The ACES and Ecosystem Markets Organizing Committee is seeking proposals from those who would like to coordinate a World Café Session. World Café Sessions ideally will feature broader topics that allow for five unique presentations covering various aspects of that topic. This dynamic presentation style functions best with presentations that do not require PowerPoint.

World Café Format:

World Café Sessions will take place during concurrent session tracks. Instead of having presenters speak to a room of 75-100 people one presenter at a time, world café sessions will have four (4) stations where presenters speak to a smaller group of 10-20 people, and those mini-groups rotate through the four presentation stations. In other words, world café presenters will give their talk four times during the session to different small groups. This more intimate grouping will allow for better feedback, and more personalized presentations. Rather than giving presentations in a smaller break-out room, world café sessions will take place in the larger poster area to accommodate the rotating groups.

Presenters will not have audio visual equipment, meaning no microphones or projector equipment. Visual aids may still be used, however electricity may not be available at all stations.  A flip chart and poster board will be available at each station for displays, and wireless internet access will be available to café presenters only in the event they wish to use their laptop during part of the presentation.

Following are sample World Café Sessions with the Individual Presentations listed.  Please note how all presentations support one overall topic.

Sample Sessions:  

Life Cycle of a Credit

  • Landscape Evaluation Tools
  • Assessing Market Opportunities 
  • Assigning Credits and Their Value
  • Trading Platforms

Water Markets: Project Updates from Around the Country

  • Upper Mississippi Basin 
  • Intermountain West
  • Mid Atlantic
  • Southeast

Time Allowance

The amount of time allotted for each of the world café session is 105 minutes (e.g. 8:00am-9:45am). World Café sessions will contain one fewer speaker in their sessions in order to accommodate station changes. Each 105-minute session will include a 5 minute "Café Overview and Introduction" by the moderator and four 17-minute presentations with 3 minutes station-change time between presentations. The session will conclude with a 20 minute Open Discussion block. World Café Organizers will either act as, or assign a moderator for the session who will keep time and announce when it is time to change stations. Please keep in mind that participants frequently move between sessions to view talks so it is important that your session timing to remain on schedule.

Sample Agenda:

World Café Session 1

8:00am Café Overview and Introduction
8:05am Presentation 1
8:22am Station Change
8:25am Presentation 2
8:42am Station Change
8:45am Presentation 3
9:02am Station Change
9:05am Presentation 4
9:22am Station Change
9:25am Open Discussion
9:45am Session Concludes

NOTE: The ACES and Ecosystem Markets 2012 organizers reserve the right to refuse proposed sessions if time or space is limiting, and to cancel any session if deadlines are missed by the session organizer.

Session Proposal Requirements

World Café Session proposals should provide the following information:

  • Provide a Café title and a brief description of the session, specifying the goals and the technical issues that will be its focus. Also include a session agenda outlining presentation format. (Follow timing instructions above.)
  • Include a brief discussion of why the session is of interest and to whom. What is the target audience? Who would benefit most from the proposed session?
  • Include the names, postal addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of the proposed session organizer(s) including the name of the primary contact for the proposed café.
    Note: All details for the café will be finalized via communications with only this individual.
  • A description of the qualifications of the session organizer(s).
  • A list of tentatively confirmed speakers and/or proposed invited presenters.
    (Please include at a minimum email addresses for all proposed speakers)

If Accepted:

  • All café presenters (both invited and contributed) must submit an abstract following the posted guidelines for abstracts.
  • All session presenters and organizers are expected to register for the conference and pay the applicable fee to attend. Financial support for travel is not available for organizers or presenters.
  • Session Organizers will be responsible for communicating abstract submission and conference registration instructions to their invited presenters.

Submission Format

  • MSWord Document
  • Maximum of five, 8 ½” x 11” pages.
  • Full Contact information for Session Organizer(s) should appear at end of session proposal.
  • Include a list of invited or proposed café presenters in the session description, along with their contact information (address, email address, phone number, etc.).
  • Click Here to View a Sample Proposal

Important Dates

April 13, 2012

World Café Session Proposal Submission Deadline

May 18, 2012

Acceptance Notification

July 15, 2012

Abstract Submission Deadline

July 20, 2012 Final Session Agenda/ Presenter Line-Up  Submission Deadline

The ACES and Ecosystem Markets 2012 organizers will be responsible for the following:

  • Providing a meeting place and logistical support for the session.
  • Publicizing the session on the conference web site and in meeting materials.
  • Determining the session date and time (Session organizer requests will be accommodated as much as possible).
  • Providing Accepted Session Organizers with further instructions on final session agenda submissions and other logistical details.
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