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1 Emily Cloyd, US Global Change Research Program
Integrating Existing Networks to Detect Future Shifts in Ecosystem Structure and Function Due to Global Changes 
2 Romorno Coney, Jackson State University
The Applications of Spatial Information Systems in Ecosystem Restoration: The Case of the Colorado Rocky Mountain Arsenal 
3 Michael Lewis, USEPA
Fate and Effects of Anthropogenic Chemicals in Coastal Plant-Dominated Ecosystems: A Comparative Review 
4 Kristie Maczko, Sustainable Rangelands Roundtable
Assessing Effects of Climate Change on Rangeland Ecosystem Goods and Services 
5 Gregory McCarty, USDA-ARS
Wetlands as Carbon Sinks within Agricultural Ecosystems 
6 Ivelisse Ruiz-Bernard, University of Florida
Effects of a Catastrophic Forest Fire on the Trophic Parameters of an Outstanding Florida Water 
7 Zhengxi Tan, ARTS at USGS EROS Center
Impacts of Corn-based Biofuel Production on Soil Fertility and Ecosystem Sustainability 
8 David Batker, Earth Economics
Towards Creating a Watershed Investment District to Align Policy, Planning and Funding for Salmon Habitat Restoration and Flood Protection in Washington State 
9 Peter Edwards, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
The Role of Ecosystem Services Valuation in Coastal Habitat Conservation 
10 Ted Gilliland, Arizona State University
A Challenge for Ecosystem Service Bundling: Joint Production of Services and Free-Riding 
11 Kenna Halsey, Parametrix
The Role of Ecosystem Services in Sustainability Planning 
12 Marisa Mazzotta, EcoBenefits Research
A Simplified Decision Support Approach for Evaluating Wetlands Ecosystem Services  
13 Doug Parker, University of Maryland
Defining the “Product” in an Ecosystem Marketplace 
14 V. Kelly Turner, Arizona State University
Ecosystem Service Provisioning in Sustainable Planned Communities in the United States 
15 Claudia Young, USGS EROS Center
EcoServ: an Online Ecosystem Services Modeling System using Open Geospatial (OGC) Consortium Standards 
16 Esther Duke, Colorado State University
Designing a Pro-Poor Payment for Ecosystem Services Program in Western Panama 
17 Kelly Brands,  American Forest Foundation
Voluntary Gopher Tortoise Habitat Crediting System 
18 Stephanie Beadle, Portland State University
Value of Streamside Visits in Southeast Arizona 
19 John Carriger,  US Environmental Protection Agency
Modeling Ecosystem Services with Bayesian Networks 
20 Kevin Halsey, Parametrix
Measuring Ecosystem Services at a Site Level 
21 Mark Judson, Environmental Monitoring Sensor Intelligence Corp
Towards Predictive/Operational Assessment of Beach Closures using Remotely Sensed Data 
22 Dixon Landers, US Environmental Protection Agency
A Systematic approach for quantifying Final Ecosystems Services at Regional and National Scales 
23 Leslie Massey, Arkansas Water Resources Center
A Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program in the Upper Illinois River Watershed, Northwest Arkansas 
24 Monobina Mukherjee, University of California, Riverside
Analysis of Factors Influencing Open Space Values using a Spatial Hedonic Model 
25 Ronald Raunikar, US Geological Survey
Ecological Integrity as an Economic Variable: The Need for Aggregated Landscape Scale Indices 
26 Vineeta Shukla, Maharshi Dayanand University
Fish as an Indicator of Heavy Metal Pollution in Aquatic Ecosystem 
27 Nancy Steele, Los Angeles & San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council
The Feedback Loop: Monitoring and indicators of Watershed Health in Greater Los Angeles 
28 Christina Wong, Arizona State University
Evaluating Water Ecosystem Services from the Yongding River Restoration Project 
29 Sapana Lohani, University of Arizona
Evaluating Ecosystem Services at LCNCA using State and Transition Models 
30 Nicole Davis, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi
Linking Riparian Width to Ecosystem Services on a Coastal River in Texas, USA 
31 Ray Finocchiaro, US Geological Survey
Greenhouse Gas Flux of Grazed and Hayed Wetland Catchments in the Prairie Pothole Region 
32 Jeffrey Hollister, US Environmental Protection Agency
Geospatial Tools for Evaluating Ecosystems Services in Lakes and Ponds of the Northeastern US 
33 Kristen Hychka, US Environmental Protection Agency
Improved Mapping of Riparian Wetlands using Reach Topography 
34 Russell Mizell, University of Florida
Vegetation Plots Provide Regulating and Cultural Ecosystem Services  
35 Darius Semmens, US Geological Survey
A GIS Tool to Assess Social Values for Ecosystem Services (SolVES) 
36 Benjamin Sleeter, US Geological Survey
Development of National Land-use/Land-cover Scenarios for Ecological Impact Assessment 
37 Elisa V. Wandelli, Embrapa Amazonia Ocidental
Ecosystem Services of Second-Growth Vegetation Among Rural Settlers in Central Amazonia
38 Sarah Kiger, University of Michigan
Linking an Ecosystem Process Model to Ecosystem Services 
39 Carrie Presnal,  University of Arizona
Ecosystem Services In NEPA – Exciting New Tool, Weak Buzzword, or Another Burden?
40 Heather Sander,  US Environmental Protection Agency
Potential Impacts of Cropland Biofuel Production on the Provision of Avian Habitat

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