Florida Small Farms and Alternative Enterprises Conference

Poster Presentation Opportunity

Opportunity to Present a Poster at Florida Small Farms and Alternative Enterprises Conference.

Submission Deadline: 5:00pm, Monday, June 16th

All Individuals working in areas related to small, family, specialty and alternative farming enterprises conducive to Florida’s climate are invited to submit an abstract for consideration as a poster presentation at the conference. This is an excellent opportunity to generate visibility for your organization, farm, or company, to share details of your work, successes and lessons learned, and to interact directly with Florida’s farming communities.

Accepted abstracts will be published in the conference program, and posters will be displayed in the exhibit room. Poster PDFs will also be included on the conference website for continued visibility even after the event has concluded. Presenter authors should plan to be available mid-morning on Saturday, August 2nd, for poster discussion. The posters will be judged and the top three recognized at the conference, on the website, and on the Small Farms Facebook page. See past winners.

Abstract submission details and poster presentation information are below. Please note all presenters attending the conference are required to register and pay the applicable registration fee.

Sample Abstract

Limit the Abstract Title to One Line. It Should Be the Same Title as the Poster Title

First Author1, Second Author1 and Third Author2
1University of Florida, IFAS Extension
2Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, CAFS, Tallahassee, FL

This is a sample format of an abstract. Limit the body to approximately 250 words. Use 1-inch margins. Abstracts will be uniformly formatted using Calibri font, point size 11 and limited to ½ a page including the author(s) information.  Abstracts longer than ½ page may not fully print. Submit abstract in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format file. Do NOT submit as a PDF

Poster presentations provide the opportunity for open dialogue and exchange of ideas among members of Florida’s farming community and related industries. As you develop your abstract and later poster presentation, please minimize repeated, direct reference to your company or product, and instead focus on information that is relevant to the farming community. Come ready to share your knowledge, ideas, lessons-learned and best practices. If you have questions about content, contact Dan Fenneman: 850-973-4138, dfenneman@ufl.edu. The abstract will be read by hundreds of people so proof it a last time prior to submitting.

Bold the main presenter’s name and include their contact information at the end. Limit the contact information to one person. Presenters participating are required to register and pay the applicable registration. No posters will be shown without a registered presenter. Early registration ends July 14, 2014. The three top posters will be recognized at the conference, on the conference website and on the small farms facebook page. The deadline to submit a pdf of the poster to include on the conference website is August 8th. Don’t forget to submit your abstract by June 16 to dfenneman@ufl.edu.

Contact Information: Second Author is Presenter, 1University of Florida, IFAS Extension,  PO Box 00, Starke, FL  11111, Tel: 000-555-5555; Email: extension@emailaddress.net


Poster Schedule


2013 Poster Winners
Congratulations to the 2013 poster winners!

First Place
Growing Mushrooms for Fun and Profit    |Poster
Aparna Gazula, Carolyn Saft, Clay Olson, Linda Landrum, Matt Smith, Sarah White and Sean McCoy

 Second Place 
A Comparative Evaluation of EM on Soil Quality and Fresh Yield of Brassica oleracea var. acephalaGrown on Orangeburg Loamy Sand Soil    |Poster
Cassel S. Gardner, Alfredo B. Lorenzo, and Bravo Brown

 Third Place 
Economic Assessment of Fruit and Nut Crops in North Florida and North Central Florida
Sean R. McCoy, Pete C. Andersen, Robert C. Hochmuth, Linda B. Landrum, Lei Lani Davis, Jeffrey G. Williamson and Mercy A. Olmstead



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