Southern Regional Cooperative
Soil Survey Conference:

Innovative Technologies for the New Soil Survey

July 14-17, 2008 l Gainesville, FL


Poster Directory

 The Subsurface Anatomy of the Northwest Tennessee's Sand Blows: Remnants of the New Madrid Earthquakes − John Ammons, University of Tennessee   [Poster]

 Wavelet Analysis of Soil Reflectance for the Characterization of Soil Properties − Ali Bilgili, Cornell University  [Poster]

 Soil Interpretations for Intensive Forest Biomass Harvesting − Christine Bliss, USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station  [Poster]

 Effective LIDAR Deployment for Terrain Analysis with GIS Dwain Daniels, USDA, Forth Worth, TX

 Digital Soil Mapping of Soil Phosphorus in the Santa Fe River Watershed − Jinseok Hong, University of Florida  [Poster]

 NASIS 6.0:  What's New? − Jim Fortner , National Soil Survey Center  [Poster]

 Web Soil Survey 2.1: What's New? − Jim Fortner , National Soil Survey Center [Poster]

 Remote-Sensing Supported Analysis of Soil Properties in Water Conservation Area 1, Everglades − Tiffany Kapner , University of Florida  [Poster]

 Soil Workshops for Health Department Users Thomas Macfie, Soil Science Inc.  [Poster]

 Using VNIR Spectroscopy to Rapidly Quantify the Coefficient of Linear Extensibility in Texas Soils − Katrina Hutchison, Texas A&M University    [Poster]

 Estimating Crack Volume in Two Shrink-Swell Soils − Katrina Hutchison, Texas A&M University  [Poster]

 Multivariate Approaches for Dynamic Soil Property Characterization in Some Southeastern U.S. Coastal Plain Map Units − Joey Shaw, Auburn University

 Comparison of Soil Information System and Field Data to Measure Soil Organic Carbon − Gustavo Vasques, University of Florida  [Poster]


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