Southern Regional Cooperative
Soil Survey Conference:

Innovative Technologies for the New Soil Survey

July 14-17, 2008 l Gainesville, FL


Conference Objective

The purpose of the Southern Regional Cooperative Soil Survey Conference (SRCSSC) is to bring together representatives of the National Cooperative Soil Survey in the southern states for discussion of technical, scientific, and other general questions and issues of importance to the Cooperative Soil Survey Program. This year’s focus will be on Innovative Technologies for the New Soil Survey. The SRCSSC will utilize committee and conference discussions to summarize and clarify new findings in the field, share presentations (oral and poster), while providing the opportunity for procedure synthesis and the exploration of new ideas. This conference will also function as a clearinghouse for recommendations and proposals received from individual members and state conferences for transmittal to the National Cooperative Soil Survey Conference.

Participants will benefit from:

  • Sharing experiences related to soil science (including characterization, taxonomy and modern technologies) to support current and future soil surveys

  • Presentations on the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Soil Information Systems / databases, remote and soil sensing methods, and digital processing methods

  • Working-group and committee discussions on topics pertaining to soil survey standards, research priorities, new technology and soil interpretation.


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