Call for Dedicated Session Proposals

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Submission Deadline Extended to: 12:00 PM Eastern (9:00 AM Pacific)
The proposal submission deadline has passed.

We invite you to assist with program development by proposing and organizing sessions related to your expertise. Conference topics of focus are provided on the Topics Page. However, please do not feel limited to these areas – NCER is a forum that seeks to capture all emerging topics and new ideas in ecosystem restoration.

Proposals will be evaluated for content, structure, and overall relevance to the overarching theme of the conference. Preference will be given to sessions that are integrative, cross-system, and/or promote the transfer of regional-based knowledge to a broad audience. Additional criteria for evaluation include the session’s potential for generating useful results/dialogue among conference attendees, and expected level of interest in the topic. Due to space limitations, individuals may organize no more than one session. All sessions are 90-minute blocks of time.

Session Format Options

NCER 2016 features a variety of session formats to promote diverse presentation styles and to allow more attendees to present and share valuable insights, lessons learned and best practices. All sessions are 90-minutes long.

Three session formats will be used. Indicate your format preference when uploading your proposal.

This format consists of a 5-minute session introduction and overview by the moderator, followed by four consecutive 20-minute talks (17 minutes per talk plus 3 minutes Q&A), with speakers using PowerPoint slides to display graphics emphasizing key elements, supporting details and in-depth information.

Click to view tips for Session Organizers & Presenters

Panel sessions entail a maximum of four panelists. Sessions begin with a 5-minute introduction of the topic by the moderator followed by each panelist taking five minutes to introduce themselves, and to describe their personal experience and perspective on the topic. The moderator then facilitates 30-minutes of interactive dialogue amongst panelists to obtain different viewpoints using pre-determined questions, before engaging the audience in Q&A. The session ends with a closing summary and recognition of the panel. Use of PowerPoint should be limited to no more than a few key slides to help the audience visualize the panel concept. NOTE: Having a skilled facilitator, securing DEEP panelists (diverse, experienced, eloquent and prepared), and dedicating sufficient time for planning and communication with panelists is essential for success.

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This years’ NCER features a new format for the conference. “TED-Style” sessions will entail a 5-minute moderator introduction and synopsis of the session, followed by six consecutive, 10-minute presentations (7-minute talks with three minutes of Q&A). After speakers conclude, the moderator engages speakers and audience members in active dialogue about core ideas presented by speakers. If used, PowerPoint files for each speaker should be limited to no more than five slides to help the audience visualize the core concept of the talk. NOTE: Those wishing to organize this type of session must be fully committed to guiding speakers through presentation development, keeping speakers on time and managing thought provoking Q&A.

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Session Organizer Responsibilities

Organizing a successful session requires a significant time commitment and entails substantial responsibility. Organizers are responsible for coordinating advance communications with session presenters and for assuring talks are relevant and reflect the published session theme.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Serving as the primary contact on behalf of the session (we will only communicate with one official representative per session).
  • Inviting and confirming individuals to participate and present information that forms a cohesive session.
  • Ensuring session presenters submit abstracts by the deadline (January 8, 2016).
  • Providing a detailed speaker/panel roster and full contact information.
  • Identifying replacement speakers for any cancellations.
  • Adhering to published deadlines.
  • Communicating logistical instructions to presenters and having advance dialogue with presenters.
  • Confirming a moderator who is proficient at managing speaker timing and facilitating interactive dialogue.
  • Conducting conference call with all session presenters to review instructions.

Click here for a detailed list of all session organizer responsibilities if your proposed session is approved.

The planning committee reserves the right to cancel any session if deadlines are missed by the organizer.

Registration to Participate:

Session organizers, speakers, moderators and panelists are expected to register for the conference by February 26, 2016 and pay the applicable registration fee to confirm participation on the program agenda.

The proposal submission deadline has passed.

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