8th IAHS International

Managing Groundwater Quality to Support Competing Human and Ecological Needs

April 21-26, 2013

University of Florida  |  Gainesville, Florida, USA

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Conference Theme and Objectives

The conference theme is Managing Groundwater Quality to Support Competing Human and Ecological Needs, and will focus on sustainable management and protection of groundwater quality in an effort to meet the needs of both human and ecological systems. This challenge is magnified by stresses on water resources changing with climatic conditions. This conference will include traditional areas of emphasis such as contaminated site management and advanced modeling capabilities but will also expand to include groundwater quality problems and challenges at larger scales and at the ecological interface. Groundwater is a vital component of the hydrologic cycle and a major global water reservoir. Groundwater movement is of interest on timescales from days to millennia and provides critical exchanges with surface water and the atmosphere. Water quality in groundwater and across these interface is critical to understand and will also be a focus of this conference.

The conference will bring together researchers, industry, regulators, contractors, consultants, planners and water supply agencies to address the important issues related to groundwater quality.

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