GEER 2008
Greater Everglades Ecosystem Restoration
Planning, Policy and Science Meeting
For Everglades Restoration 2050 – Advancing the Science to Achieve Success

July 28-August 1, 2008 l Naples, FL


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Lynn Scarlett
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(Page 27 features an article on Saving Water with Moisture Sensors)

GEER 2008 Poster Presentations

Below you will find a list of GEER 2008 poster sessions with posters linked as PDFs. To find a specific presenter or topic, use the FIND command (CTRL+F) in your browser to search for their name or a key word from their talk title. Poster topics are listed at the end of each poster within brackets. [Sample]

If you do not see a PDF file next to a presenter’s name, that means we did not receive their file for presentation on the web site.

If you were a GEER poster presenter, and wish to have your poster ADDED to this site, please send an email to  and attach a PDF of your poster.

Special Session Posters (Tuesday & Thursday)

Kathy O'Reilly-Doyle - Think Locally, Act Neighborly [Partnership, Invasives]


Adam Watts - Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Wading Bird Surveys in the Everglades [Information Systems]


Session I Posters (Tuesday)

Gordon Anderson - Comparing seasonal salinity variations in the Shark River estuary and underlying coastal aquifer from 1996-2007, Everglades National Park, USA [Hydrology & Hydrologic Modeling]


Lonny Anderson - Seagrass Restoration within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary [Restoration Planning and Policy]


Peter Besrutschko - Periphyton Constructed Stormwater Treatment Areas (PSTA); Constructed Wetlands for Achieving Water Quality for Everglades Restoration. [Biogeochemistry]


Michelle Boudreaux - Predicting the Effects of CERP Projects on Salinity Patterns in the Estuaries of Southern Florida  [RECOVER]


Michelle Boudreaux - RECOVER Evaluation Team: Southern Estuaries Sub-team Performance Measure Synthesis Poster [RECOVER]


Michelle Boudreaux - RECOVER's Scientific Role in Everglades Restoration  [RECOVER & Restoration Planning and Policy]


Joan Browder - The Prevalence of Abnormal Fish as an Indicator of Environmental Quality [Biogeochemistry]


Michael Byrne - Measuring Nutrient Concentrations in Tributaries of Lake Okeechobee [Biogeochemistry]


Cory Catts - Tilling of Biomass in Treatment Wetlands: Influence on Treatment Efficiency and Soil Phosphorus Dynamics [Biogeochemistry]


Hongjun Chen - Analysis of Historical Vegetation Information in the Everglades Stormwater Treatment Area [Biogeochemistry]


Robert Compitello - Prescribed Fire Effect on Phosphorus Cycling and Ensuing Plant Repopulation in Cladium jamaicense and Typha latifolia Stands of the Florida Everglades [Biogeochemistry]


Stacey Cote - Effects of Vegetation and Soil Management Practices on Phosphorus Fluxes from Phosphorus-Enriched Sediments in WCA-2A. [Biogeochemistry]


James Cuda - A Model for Sustainable Management of Brazilian peppertree, Schinus terebinthifolius (Anacardiaceae), in the Greater Everglades [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Gretchen Ehlinger - RECOVER Evaluation Team: Northern Estuaries Sub-team Performance Measure Synthesis Poster [RECOVER]


Edwin Everham - Estero Bay Tributaries Riparian Vegetation Analysis [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Adolfo Fernandez - Endosulfan Sulfate in Fish Tissue from Everglades National Park: Tale of an Unregulated Pesticide Metabolite. [Biogeochemistry]


Melissa Victoria Fernandez - Assessment of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation as Indicators of Antifoulant Contamination in Southeast Florida Coastal Environments [Biogeochemistry]


Joshua Filina - Salinity, light, and temperature effects on Ruppia maritima germination in Florida Bay: Mesocosm and field studies [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Andrew From - Mapping Mangrove Migration under Altered Hydrologic Flow and Changing Sea-level in Ten Thousand Islands NWR [Mangrove Responses]


Piero Gardinali - Microconstituents in Surface Waters from South Florida: Occurrence, Persistence and Relevance with Respect to Water Reuse [Biogeochemistry]


Andrew Gottlieb - RECOVER Evaluation Team: Lake Okeechobee Sub-team Performance Measure Synthesis Poster [RECOVER]


Kevin Grace - Effect of Soil Phosphorus Enrichment on Soil-P Release and Long-Term P Removal by Wetland Mesocosms [Biogeochemistry]


Marie-Theres Graf - Geochemical Analysis of Carbonate Layers in Tree Island Peats [Tree Island Ecology]


Richard Gragg - Spatial and Habitat Variations of Total Mercury in Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides) in the Everglades Ecosystem [Biogeochemistry]


Erin Hanan - Multi-Scaled Patterning of Plant-Soil-Water Interactions across Tree Islands and Marshes within The Prairie and Slough Landscapes of Everglades National Park [Biogeochemistry]


Peter Harlem - Lidar Detection of Karst landforms in Miami-Dade County, Florida: A Tool for Environmental Management [Hydrology & Hydrologic Modeling]


Rachel Harris - Tidal influence and its effects on mangrove community structure and recovery post-hurricane disturbance: Revisiting Hurricane Charley (2004) effects on Sanibel-Captiva, Fl. [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Sekeenia Haynes - An Assessment of Organochlorine Pesticides and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and the Potential Impact to Water Quality in Florida Bay [Biogeochemistry]


Scott Jackson - Water and Sediment Phosphorus Gradients in Everglades Stormwater Treatment Areas [Biogeochemistry]


Krish Jayachandran - Development of Potential Biological Control Agents for Invasive Plant Species Using Native Pathogens in South Florida [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Darlene Johnson - Development of Habitat Suitability Models for the Biscayne Bay Area Fishes: Assessing Salinity Affinity from Abundance Data [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Manohardeep Josan - Effect of Drainage Flow on Phosphorus Concentrations in Canal Waters Downstream of STA-1E [Biogeochemistry]


David Kaplan - Predicting the Effect of Restoration Scenarios on the Floodplain of the Northwest Fork of the Loxahatchee River [Hydrology & Hydrologic Modeling]


Anwar Khan - Ecosystem Restoration Risk Analyses [Restoration Planning and Policy]


Ken Krauss - Hydrologic Fluxes, Restoration, and the Marsh-Mangrove Ecotone of Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge [Hydrology & Hydrologic Modeling]


Katie Laakkonen - City of Naples Multifaceted Approach to Treating Stormwater and Improving Water Quality [Restoration Planning and Policy]


William Labiosa - The South Florida Ecosystem Portfolio Model:  An Integrated Ecological, Economic, and Community Land Use Planning Tool [Restoration Planning and Policy]


Sanjay Lamsal - Fine-Scale Spatial Variability of Soil Nutrients in the Everglades [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Andrew LoSchiavo - CERP Process to Apply Adaptive Management [Restoration Planning and Policy]


Kathleen McCallion - The Southwest Florida Feasibility Study: A Framework for Ecosystem Restoration on a Regional Scale [Restoration Planning and Policy]


Carole McIvor - Origins of Production and Trophic Placement of Biota in Mangrove-Forest Food Webs using Stable Isotopes  [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Kathleen McKee - Soil Phosphorus Storage in Isolated Wetlands of Improved Pastures North of Lake Okeechobee [Biogeochemistry]


Jennifer Mellein - Hydrologic Heterogeneity and Forest Structure Dynamics on Tree Islands: Monitoring and Assessment to Establish Baseline Conditions [Hydrology & Hydrologic Modeling]


Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm - A Model to Describe Spatial and Temporal Variation of Phosphorous Cycling in Tree Islands of Shark River Slough in the Everglades [Biogeochemistry]


Rajendra Paudel - Modeling Spatio-Temporal Phosphorus Cycling in a South Florida Stormwater Treatment Wetland [biogeochemistry]


Yun Qian - Effects of Burn Temperature on Ash Nutrient Forms and Availability of Cattail (Typha domingensis) and Sawgrass (Cladium jamaicense) Growing along a Nutrient Gradient in the Florida Everglades [Biogeochemistry]


K. Ramesh Reddy - Phosphorus Composition of Wetlands within an Agricultural Landscape [Biogeochemistry]


Jed Redwine - Predicting CERP influences on Extreme High and Low Water Levels in Greater Everglades Wetlands [RECOVER]


Jed Redwine - Predicting the Impact of CERP on Wet Prairie Vegetation Communities Located on Marl Soils [RECOVER]


Amy Renshaw - Environmental Impacts of the Annual Agricultural Drawdown in Southern Miami-Dade County [Hydrology & Hydrologic Modeling]


Gregg Reynolds - Methods for Evaluating Landscape-Scale Sheet Flow Properties in Greater Everglades Wetlands [RECOVER]


Rosanna Rivero - Applications of remote sensing and multivariate geostatistics to improve spatial modeling of soil phosphorus predictions in wetland areas. Study case: WCA-2A, Everglades. [Biogeochemistry]


Michael Robblee - Comparison of Juvenile Pink-Shrimp Abundance in South Florida Mangrove- and Seagrass-Dominated Estuaries [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Colleen Rochelle - Patterns of Mercury Bioaccumulation in Fish in the Greater Everglades [Biogeochemistry]


Pablo Ruiz - The Vegetation of Biscayne National Park, Homestead, FL, USA [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Amartya Saha - Water Source Utilization and Foliar Nutrient Status in Upland and Lowland Plant Communities of Tree Islands in Shark River Slough, Everglades National Park [Tree Island Ecology]


Mark Shafer - Evaluating Alternative Plans for the CERP Biscayne Bay Coastal Wetlands Project [Restoration Planning and Policy]


Brooke Shamblin - Tree Composition, Recruitment and Mortality of Hammocks in Biscayne National Park, Homestead, FL, USA [Restoration Planning and Policy]




DeWitt Smith - Freshwater Flow through Joe Bay Relative to Flow through Taylor Slough and C111 Structures [Hydrology & Hydrologic Modeling]


Erik Stabenau - Hydrologic Impacts of the C-111 Canal [Hydrology & Hydrologic Modeling]


Peter Stone - Climatic Changes in Rainfall Regime Suggested by Holocene Freshwater Wetland Sediments in South Florida [Hydrology & Hydrologic Modeling]


W. Justin Vogel - Spatial and Temporal Changes in the Chemical Characteristics and Distribution of Lake Okeechobee Sediments [Biogeochemistry]


Xin Wang - Isotopic Effects of Hydroperiod in Tree Islands [Tree Island Ecology]


Yu Wang - A Loss-on-Ignition Method to Assess Soil Organic Carbon in Calcareous Everglades Wetlands [Biogeochemistry]


Matthew Waters - Reconstructing Primary Producer Communities in WCA-2A in Relation to Phosphorus and Hydroperiod [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Alan Wright - Catabolic Diversity of Periphyton and Detritus Microbial Communities in Water Conservation Area-2a of the Everglades [Biogeochemistry]


Jing-Yea Yang - Streamgauging Planning at Stormwater Treatment Area - 1 West [Restoration Planning and Policy]


Liqiong Zhang - Flow Rating for Interior Culverts in Storm Treatment Areas   [Hydrology & Hydrologic Modeling]


Mark Zucker - Temporal and Spatial Salinity Patterns in Joe Bay, Everglades National Park. [Hydrology & Hydrologic Modeling]


Session II Posters (Thursday)

Aaron Adams - Freshwater Flow Alteration Impacts Mangrove Creek Use by Juvenile Snook and Other Fishes [Role of Flow]


Shadab Anwar - Tracer test inversion to determine vegetative flow resistance with Lattice Boltzmann models [Role of Flow]


Chris Cattau - Effects of the Invasive Exotic Apple Snail (Pomacea insularum) on the Snail Kite (Rostrhamus sociabilis plumbeus) in Florida [Wildlife Ecology and Modeling]


Grady Caulk - Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan: Cultural Resources Mitigation Strategies. [Archaeology]


David Ceilley - A Rapid Wetland Assessment Method  [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


David W. Ceilley - Aquatic Macroinvertebrates of Impacted and Reference Wetlands of the Western Everglades: Picayune Strand Restoration Project [Wildlife Ecology and Modeling]



Kevin Chartier - Getting Ecological Models into the Hands of the Users: Joint Ecosystem Modeling [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Paul Conrads - Integration of Hydrologic and Ecological Studies of the Snail Kite: Enhancements to the Snail Kite Decision Support System [Wildlife Ecology and Modeling]


Phil Darby - Field and Lab Studies of Less Charismatic Predators of Florida Apple Snails [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Mark Dickman - Baseline hydrologic data collection along the I-75/State Road 29 corridor in the Big Cypress National Preserve [Hydrology & Hydrologic Modeling]


Marcie Dixson - Investigating Ecological Effects of Mineral Enrichment in the Northern Everglades [Loxahatchee NWR Science Workshop]


Robert Dorazio - Estimation of Manatee Abundance from Aerial Surveys Using Double Observers and Removal Sampling [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Nathan Dorn - Seasonal Succession and Annual Hydrologic Patterns Drive Aquatic Community Structure and Biomass in Forested Wetlands of the Big Cypress. [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Tom Dreschel - Implementation and Operation of a Large Everglades Physical Model:  The Loxahatchee Impoundment Landscape Assessment (LILA). [Loxahatchee NWR Science Workshop]


Katherine Dunlop - Cue Recognition and Prey Responses to Non-Native African Jewelfish, Hemichromis letourneuxi, in Everglades Habitats [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Andrew Erickson - Baseline Hydrologic Information of the Western Tamiami Trail and the Ten Thousand Islands to Monitor Downstream Effects of the Picayune Strand Restoration Project   [Hydrology & Hydrologic Modeling]


Edwin Everham - A Biological Monitoring Program for the Lake Trafford Restoration Project in Collier County, Florida [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Zachary Fratto - Introduction and Colonization of Non-native Apple Snails in Everglades National Park [Wildlife Ecology and Modeling]


Ikuko Fujisaki - Risk Assessment of Potential Invasiveness of Exotic Reptiles to South Florida Based on Import Pathway [Wildlife Ecology and Modeling]


Natalie Garrett - Cultural Resources Overview for the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan: A Cooperative Effort by USACE, SFWMD, SHPO, New South and Janus [Archaeology]


Rebekah Gibble - Effects of Chemistry and Hydrology on Seed Germination and Plant Community Development in a Northern Everglades Wetland [Loxahatchee NWR Science Workshop]


Charles Goss - Forecasting models and environmental impact assessment:  The implications of ISOP/IOP for Everglades fish communities [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Andrew Gottlieb - RECOVER Evaluation Team: Greater Everglades Sub-team Performance Measure Synthesis Poster [RECOVER]


Timothy Green - Spatial and Age-Structured Population Model of the American Crocodile for Comparison of CERP Restoration Alternatives [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Guoqing He - Monitoring of Water Flow in Everglades National Park [Role of Flow]


Garth Herring - Physiological Responses of Pre-breeding Adult Great Egret and White Ibis to Contrasting Prey Availability Conditions  [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Jeff Hutchinson - Evaluation of Repeated Herbicide Treatments for Control of Lygodium microphyllum using Glyphosate and Metsulfuron Methyl in the A.R.M. Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge [Loxahatchee NWR Science Workshop]


Brian Jeffery - The Effects of Off-Road Vehicles on Small Mammals in Big Cypress National Preserve [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Darlene Johnson - Assessing Salinity Variability and the Abundance of Fishes Along the Mangrove Shorelines of Biscayne Bay [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Nicole Katin - Development of a Method for Quantifying Aquatic Fauna Standing Stock in South Florida Cypress Forests [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Michael Laas - Impacts of Gate Discharge and Hurricane Conditions on Water Flow in Everglades National Park [Role of Flow]


Laurel Larsen - Transport Dynamics of Floc in Ridge and Slough Vegetation Communities: A Laboratory Flume Experiment and Numerical Study [Role of Flow]


William Loftus - Food-Web Structure in Big Cypress Swamp Wetlands Based on Stable-Isotope Results [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


William Louda - Refinement and Application of Pigment-Based Chemotaxonomy to the Assesment of Periphyton Communities in the Everglades. [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Ryan Lynch - Post Hurricane Colonization of Lygodium microphyllum on Pop-up Tree Islands of the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge [Loxahatchee NWR Science Workshop]


Angela Markovich - Research Activites at A.R.M. Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge [Loxahatchee NWR Science Workshop]


John Marshall - GEER Progress from a Total Ecosystem View [Restoration Planning and Policy]


Frank Mazzotti - Alligators and Crocodiles as Indicators for Restoration of Everglades Ecosystems [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Frank Mazzotti - Movements, Habitat Use, Diet, Thermal Biology, and Trapping of Burmese Pythons in the Southern Everglades [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Lauren McCarthy - Segregation of Palaemonid Shrimp Species along the Shark River Estuary, Everglades National Park [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Paul McCormick - Potential Influences of Soil Chemistry on the Coexistence of Sawgrass and Slough Habitats in the Everglades [Loxahatchee NWR Science Workshop]


Nelson Melo - Understanding Florida Bay Hypersalinity and Water Exchange [Coastal Ecosystems]


Joong Hyuk Min - Development of a Spatially Distributed Flow Dynamics Model in the Everglades Ridge and Slough Landscape [Role of Flow]


Joong-Hyuk Min - Phosphorus Dynamics Modeling of Emergent and Submerged Aquatic Vegetation-based Treatment Wetlands in South Florida [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm - An Attempt to Model Spatial and Temporal Patterning of the Ridge and Slough System in the Everglades [Role of Flow]


James B. Murray - The Geographic Distribution of the Non-Native Red Rimmed Melania (Melanoides tuberculatus) in Biscayne Bay National Park, Florida. [Coastal Ecosystems]


Adam Obaza - Effectiveness of Drift Fences as a Method for Monitoring Fish Movement [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Danielle Ogurcak - Spatial distribution of wetland vegetation surrounding alligator holes in Everglades National Park, Fl, USA [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Tae-Goo Oh - Ridge Senescence of Cladium jamaicense in the Florida Everglades [Role of Flow]


James Pepe - Preliminary Archaeological Context for the Everglades Restoration Study Area - A Cooperative Effort between the South Florida Water Management District, United States Army Corps of Engineers, the State Historic Preservation Officer, Janus Research, and New South As [Archaeology]


Ashley Porter - An Evaluation of the Impact of Two Introduced Cichlids on Native Fish Communities in Everglades Wetlands [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Rosanna Rivero - The Rise and Fall of Lake Okeechobee: Changes to Lake Morphology from 1913 to Present Day [Lake Okeechobee - History]


Adam Rosenblatt - Habitat Use and Movement Patterns of the American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) in the Florida Coastal Everglades [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


William Roth - Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge Completely Mixed Flow Model [Loxahatchee NWR Science Workshop]


Brooke Sargeant - Effects of Abiotic Gradients and Trophic Interactions on Food Web Structure of Everglades Aquatic Consumers [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Reza Savabi - Ground water quality and Flow near the Everglades National Park, Florida [Role of Flow]


Ray Schaffranek - Controls on Flow Velocity and Flow Resistance in the Heterogeneous Floodplain Landscape of the Everglades  [Role of Flow]


Melinda Schuman - Biological Monitoring of Treefrogs for the Picayune Strand Restoration Project (2005-2007). [Wildlife Ecology and Modeling]


Margo Schwadron - Shell Mounds and Middens of the Ten Thousand Islands: Prehistoric Landscapes and Paleo-environmental Records of Regional Holocene Variability and Early Human Settlement of the Everglades Ecosystem [Archaeology]


David Shindle - Pre-construction Baseline Monitoring Survey of Florida Panther (Puma concolor coryi) and Their Primary Prey in the Picayune Strand Restoration Project Area [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Greg Smith - Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan:  Cultural Resources Overview and Survey Strategy [Archaeology]


Lars Soderqvist - Monitoring the Storm Tide of Hurricane Wilma in Southwestern Florida, October 2005 [Coastal Ecosystems]


Roy Sonenshein - Geographical and Temporal Distribution of Flows into Northeast Shark River Slough [Role of Flow]


Brad Stith - Integration of an Individual-based Manatee Model and the FTLOADDS Hydrology Model to Assess Restoration Effects in the Picayune Strand and Greater Everglades [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Donatto Surratt - Novel Approach to Modeling Periphyton (Desmids) Distributions in the A.R.M. Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, Florida (USA) [Loxahatchee NWR Science Workshop]


Brandon Van Nuys - Pilot Study To Establish Monitoring Sites For Nesting Habitat of Florida Snail Kite (Rostrhamus sociabilis) [Wildlife Ecology and Modeling]


Peggy VanArman - Examination and Comparison of Mandibles and Gastric Teeth in Two Species of Crayfish, Procambarus alleni (Faxon) and Procambarus fallax (Hagen) that Inhabit Everglades Wetlands [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Kathryn Villazon - Effects of Elevation, Plant Age and Planting Density on Revegetation of Freshwater Marl Prairie Ponds at the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge, Naples, Florida. [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Hongqing Wang - Simplified Modeling of Surface Water Sulfate Dynamics in the A.R.M. Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, Florida [Loxahatchee NWR Science Workshop]


Shona Wilson - Small and Medium Sized Mammal Inventory of Everglades National Park and Big Cypress National Preserve [Ecology & Ecological Modeling]


Kathy Worley - Aerial and Field Monitoring of Selective Avifauna in Aquatic Refugia in Southwest Florida [Wildlife Ecology and Modeling]


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