EMECS 8 Published in Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Journal

EMECS8 - Harmonizing catchment and estuary
Edited by Zhongyuan Chen, Tetsuo Yanagi and Eric Wolanski


EMECS8 – Harmonizing catchment and estuary
Page v

Zhongyuan Chen, Tetsuo Yanagi, Eric Wolanski


On approaches of estuarine ecosystems health studies
Pages 313-316
Wei Meng, Lusan Liu


The use of biotopes in assessing the environmental quality of tidal estuaries in Europe
Pages 317-321

Jean-Paul Ducrotoy


Dynamics and spatial variability of near-bottom sediment exchange in the Yangtze Estuary, China
Pages 322-330
Hong Liu, Qing He, Zhengbing Wang, Gert Jan Weltje, Jing Zhang


Study on the total water pollutant load allocation in the Changjiang (Yangtze River) Estuary and adjacent seawater area
Pages 331-336
Yixiang Deng, Binghui Zheng, Guo Fu, Kun Lei, Zicheng Li


Distribution and transport of suspended sediments off the Yellow River (Huanghe) mouth and the nearby Bohai Sea
Pages 337-344

Shuqing Qiao, Xuefa Shi, Aimei Zhu, Yanguang Liu, Naishuang Bi, Xisheng Fang, Gang Yang


Long-term variations and causal factors in nitrogen and phosphorus transport in the Yellow River, China
Pages 345-351

Yu Tao, Meng Wei, Edwin Ongley, Zicheng Li, Chen Jingsheng


Sediment dispersion pattern off the present Huanghe (Yellow River) subdelta and its dynamic mechanism during normal river discharge period
Pages 352-362

Naishuang Bi, Zuosheng Yang, Houjie Wang, Bangqi Hu, Youjun Ji


Valuing the effects of hydropower development on watershed ecosystem services: Case studies in the Jiulong River Watershed, Fujian Province, China
Pages 363-368

Guihua Wang, Qinhua Fang, Luoping Zhang, Weiqi Chen, Zhenming Chen, Huasheng Hong


Environmental status of Daya Bay surface sediments inferred from a sequential extraction technique
Pages 369-378

Xuelu Gao, Chen-Tung Arthur Chen, Gang Wang, Qinzhao Xue, Cheng Tang, Shaoyong Chen


Analyzing qualitative and quantitative changes in coastal wetland associated to the effects of natural and anthropogenic factors in a part of Tianjin, China
Pages 379-386

Zhenglei Xie, Xuegong Xu, Lei Yan


Comparative study of two models to simulate diffuse nitrogen and phosphorus pollution in a medium-sized watershed, southeast China
Pages 387-394

Jinliang Huang, Huasheng Hong


Continuous surface seawater surveillance on poly aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and mutagenicity of East and South China Seas
Pages 395-400

Huifeng Ren, Tsubasa Kawagoe, Huijuan Jia, Hideaki Endo, Akira Kitazawa, Sumio Goto, Tetsuhito Hayashi


Consumption of terrestrial organic matter by estuarine molluscs determined by analysis of their stable isotopes and cellulase activity
Pages 401-407

Emily S. Antonio, Akihide Kasai, Masahiro Ueno, Yoshiro Kurikawa, Kanako Tsuchiya, Haruhiko Toyohara, Yuka Ishihi, Hisashi Yokoyama, Yoh Yamashita


Salt-wedge intrusion of seawater and its implication for phytoplankton dynamics in the Yura Estuary, Japan
Pages 408-414

Akihide Kasai, Yoshiro Kurikawa, Masahiro Ueno, Dominique Robert, Yoh Yamashita


Temporal changes of a delta: Example from the Holocene Yahagi delta, central Japan
Pages 415-428
Tomoyuki Sato, Fujio Masuda


Carbon dioxide stored and acidified low oxygen bottom waters in coastal seas, Japan
Pages 429-433
Fumio Taguchi, Tateki Fujiwara


The role of crabs (Macrophthalmus japonicus) burrows on organic carbon cycle in estuarine tidal flat, Japan
Pages 434-440

Sosuke Otani, Yasunori Kozuki, Ryoichi Yamanaka, Hiromitsu Sasaoka, Tetsu Ishiyama, Yoshihito Okitsu, Hajime Sakai, Yoji Fujiki


Effects of phytoplankton vertical migration on the formation of oxygen depleted water in a shallow coastal sea
Pages 441-449

K. Haraguchi, T. Yamamoto, S. Chiba, Y. Shimizu, M. Nagao


Modeling phytoplankton production in Ise Bay, Japan: Use of nitrogen isotopes to identify dissolved inorganic nitrogen sources
Pages 450-466
Ryo Sugimoto, Akihide Kasai, Toshihiro Miyajima, Kouichi Fujita


Physical factors influencing immature-fish communities in the surf zones of sandy beaches in northwestern Kyushu Island, Japan
Pages 467-476

Ryutei Inui, Takashi Nishida, Norio Onikura, Katsuhisa Eguchi, Motoyoshi Kawagishi, Masaya Nakatani, Shin Oikawa


Dynamics of pelagic variables in two contrasting coastal systems in the western Hokkaido coast off Otaru port, Japan
Pages 477-484

Julius I. Agboola, Mario Uchimiya, Isao Kudo, Kazuo Kido, Masato Osawa


Distribution of moon jellyfish Aurelia aurita in relation to summer hypoxia in Hiroshima Bay, Seto Inland Sea
Pages 485-490

Jun Shoji, Takaya Kudoh, Hideyuki Takatsuji, Osamu Kawaguchi, Akihide Kasai


Ecological implications of heavy metal concentrations in the sediments of Burullus Lagoon of Nile Delta, Egypt
Pages 491-498

Zhongyuan Chen, Alaa Salem, Zhuang Xu, Weiguo Zhang


Simultaneous atmospheric correction and quantification of suspended particulate matters from orbital and geostationary earth observation sensors
Pages 499-511

M.S. Salama, F. Shen


Managing coastal area resources by stated choice experiments
Pages 512-517

Xin Liu, Kai W. Wirtz


Relevance of watershed modelling to assess the contamination of coastal waters due to land-based sources and activities
Pages 518-525
Nicolas Rollo, Marc Robin


Hydrodynamic modeling and ecohydrological analysis of river inflow effects on Apalachicola Bay, Florida, USA
Pages 526-534

Wenrui Huang

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EMECS 8 published in Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science Journal

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