Climate Information for Managing Risks: Partnerships and Solutions for Agriculture and Natural Resources

Pre-Symposium Workshop May 23-24, 2011

Open Source AgroClimate-based Systems for
Climate Risk Management

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Last updated: 06/23/2011

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Call for Abstracts

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Submission Deadline Extended to : Monday, March 7, 2011

General Information & Publication

Individuals who wish to present their work on climate information for managing risks are encouraged to submit an abstract for consideration as a presentation.

Abstract submissions will be used to select oral and poster presentations, and will be posted on the website. The abstracts will ONLY BE PUBLISHED ONLINE as we strive to make CIMR as environmentally conscious as possible.

The number of oral presentations is limited, and those not wishing to make oral presentations are strongly encouraged to prepare posters and submit an abstract. As with oral presentations, poster presentations provide a valuable source for scientific interaction. The advantages of posters is the information is available for the duration of the event and authors have more opportunities for in-depth discussion about their work.

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Oral Presentations

Individuals providing an oral presentation will be presenting in one of the concurrent panel sessions held Thursday (May 26). Each presenter will be given 15 minutes for their presentation. The remaining 30 minutes will be dedicated to group Q&A and panel discussion. Presenters will remain on the panel for the duration of the session. Presenters will receive their respective presentation time and other speaker details at a later date, and after the abstract submission has closed.

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Poster Presentations

Individuals providing a poster will be presenting their information on Wednesday (May 25), during the evening Poster Session & Reception. Presenters will be asked to remain station by their poster for discussion for a specific duration. The duration is typically one hour, however presenters will receive the schedule along with poster development information and other details at a later date, and after the abstract submission has closed.

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Student Authors

Student authors will be eligible to compete for “Best Poster Presentation” or “Best Oral Presentation” award based on the quality of the abstract, presentation including visuals (poster or PowerPoint), and discussion. The winner for each category, Poster and Oral, will be announced during the closing session on Friday morning.

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Abstract Topics

We welcome abstracts for a broad range of topics. We would request that you identify which theme your abstract would fit best from among the following:

  • Managing risks to agriculture

  • Water resource management

  • Coastal and urban communities

  • Biodiversity and conservation in natural ecosystems

  • Public health

  • Cross-sector impacts

  • Scenarios for planning

  • Land use and land cover changes

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Submission Instructions

Abstract Submission Deadline: If you wish to make an oral or poster presentation, submit an abstract no later than March 7, 2011. Abstracts MUST be submitted ONLINE via this web site.

Symposium Registration Deadline: Upon notification of selection, all presenters (oral an poster) must register for the symposium and pay the applicable registration fee NO LATER THAN March 28th to confirm their participation as a presenter.

Abstract Preparation and Submission Instructions: Follow the Abstract Preparation and Instructions below to submit an abstract:

  • Abstracts should ONLY be submitted as either a Microsoft Word or a Rich Text Format file. Do not submit as as PDF.

  • Set margins at 1", top, bottom and sides.

  • Limit Abstract to 250 words (1/2 page).

  • Text only; No graphs or figures included.

  • Use standard "letter" paper size (8.5" X 11"). Do NOT use A4 paper size.

  • Use Times New Roman. Set font size to 12 points. Abstracts submitted with font size less than 12 points will not be accepted.

  • The title should be short, yet accurately reflect the abstract and later presentation. Attempt to limit the title to one line. The title is a descriptive label, not a sentence.

  • Type abstract title flush left at the top of the page.

  • Type abstract title in upper and lower case, standard title format.
    - EXAMPLE: Weather Equipment to Record Climate Change in Southeastern States

  • Use appropriate formatting within titles: italics (for scientific names), subscript (for scientific formulas and superscript (mathematic equations), etc.

  • List the senior author first and use Boldface for the name of the presenting author.

  • Identify author affiliations using superscript numeral references (See sample below)

  • Do not include professional titles of the authors. Include ONLY the affiliation name, city, state and country in abstract listing. (DO NOT include full mailing address at the top of the abstract.)

  • Type the body of the abstract single spaced without indents or tabs. DOUBLE SPACE BETWEEN PARAGRAPHS.

  • Apply bolding, italics, underlining, superscripts and subscripts in your main text as you want it to appear in your final abstract.

  • Include full contact information for the presenting author at the very end of the abstract as follows:
    Contact Information: J. Mark Genesis, Soil & Water Science Department, University of Florida/IFAS, 000 Mowry Road, Gainesville, FL 32611 USA, Phone: 000-555-5555,
    Fax: 000-555-5000, Email:

  • PROOF, proof and PROOF your abstract before you send it. Do not forget to proof all author information as well.

Sample Abstract: MSWord Document 

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For questions or to verify the status of your abstract contact: Mandy Stage, Phone: 352-392-5930; Email:



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