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FREE Hotel Contract Negotiation

Take advantage of OCI’s FREE service and let us negotiate your next hotel contract. With our volume buying power, negotiation skills and industry relationships, we’ll save you money and help minimize risk of hotel contractual penalties. Click here to learn more about our FREE Contract Negotiations and Site Selection Service.


Audio Visual Operations

Our office can maximize the technical service provided by offering group-specific A/V management which maintains continuity and professionalism during your event.


Printing and Graphics

OCI offers in-house website and brochure design. We are experienced in producing an array of digital and printed publicity tools that help reach your target audience.


Promotion and Publicity

Our team is committed to every group’s success. OCI creates promotional items and assists with the publicity of your conference. Our office has the tools to make the best use of your contacts when promoting to your audience.


Abstract Submission Management

We offer an efficient online process for abstract collection. This assists with timely organization of your meeting agenda and abstract selection.


Registration Processing & Management

OCI’s secure online registration allows for oversight of participant lists, receipts, registration confirmations and more. OCI handles it all, from the development of your group’s online form to the last minute registrant.



The Office of Conferences develops an estimated budget and fervently works to keep your group within those estimates. OCI also assists with the management of sponsorship and cooperative agreement funding. We are seasoned professionals in budgeting for complex events, and are here to manage your revenues and expenses from beginning to end.

Accounting Services

Our professional accounting team provides in-house financial management and budget reconciliation of your group’s income and expenses. We navigate the red tape so you don’t have to.


Go Green

OCI wants to help you make a positive impact with your event. We offer a variety of eco-friendly options throughout the planning process that will help your meeting decrease its carbon footprint.


Travel & Transportation

Our office can assist with travel and transportation arrangements for your group. Whether for a distinguished speaker or a field trip for the whole group, OCI can help you get where you need to be.


Record Maintenance

OCI maintains detailed records for all groups. Having a detailed history of your event helps you plan and budget more accurately for repeat conferences.


On-Site Conference Management

Our office specializes in on-site conference management. From on-site registration to AV operation, OCI’s experienced team allows faculty organizers to attend their conference with confidence.


For information on levels of service provided please visit the full service, basic service and site selection links.



The online registration experience can have a powerful impact on people. When people visit a registration website, they get their first experience of what to expect from your organization and the program for which they are registering. Click here to learn more about why you should hire a professional to manage your online registration.



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