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Topics & Objectives

ShipThe format of CEER has been developed to foster discussions on a broad range of topics relevant to critical restoration issues and address the exchange of ideas, research, application, tools, funding, and policy aspects of ecosystem and ecological restoration around the globe. 

The overarching objectives of CEER include:

  • Advancing the use of ecosystem services science and practice in conservation, restoration, resource management, and development decisions.
  • Linking science, practice, institutions and resource-sustainable decision-making by bringing together ecological and ecosystem services practitioners.
  • Fostering sustainable socioeconomic development.
  • Assessing the role of restoration in mitigating and adapting to climate change.
  • Exploring the use of traditional ecological knowledge and community-based restoration.
  • Flow ChartProviding a critical platform to assist in defining the principles of restoration, understanding its methods and goals, and closing the gap between the science and the practice of restoration.
  • Ensuring that relevant and current knowledge is readily available for application to existing and future restoration efforts.
  • Improving human health and well-being by providing sustainable livelihoods.
  • Supporting and promoting the practice of ecological restoration as a tool for conserving biodiversity, and enhancing ecosystem functions and services.

Conference News

NCER 2013 – The Spirit of Cooperation
July 29-August 1, 2013
Schaumburg, IL, USA


SER 2013 World Conference on Ecologic Restoration Reflections on the Past, Directions for the Future
October 6-11, 2013
Madison, Wisconsin, USA


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