Session 6, Saturday, 8:45am-9:30am

Corn: Myths, Facts, and Fun

Applicable Grade Levels: K-6

Applicable Subject Areas: Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts

Rhodora Collins, DeKalb County (IL) Farm Bureau

Whether you live in a corn-producing area or not, corn impacts your daily quality of life.  Foods, paper, fuel, plastics… this a-maize-ing, renewable, natural resource crops up everywhere.  This roundtable presentation will investigate a few consumer misconceptions about corn, introduce new corn resources, and provide engaging, tactile teaching ideas.  Teachers, AITC contacts, and volunteers will benefit most from this workshop.

Meet Ms. Cotyledon!

Applicable Grade Levels: 1-4

Applicable Subject Areas: Language Arts, Nutrition, Science 

Virginia Deitz, 4th grade teacher, Fargo, North Dakota

Watch a fun skit as Ms. Cotyledon dresses as a well prepared hiker to teach about the parts of a seed and their functions. This seedy character also includes a hand-on activity that explains that she and seeds have a lot in common. This science activity has been enjoyed by many students in various classrooms and community events.

Fondue Fun

Applicable Grade Levels: All Levels

Applicable Subject Areas: Language Arts, Nutrition, Science, Social Studies 

Cindy Griffin, Broward County Public Schools

Goal: To demonstrate how teaching Florida agriculture can be fun and tasty

Dipping Florida fruit into chocolate, dissecting a candy bar, and analyzing candy via a language arts activity will demonstrate the connection between Florida Agriculture products and chocolate. The Florida Ag in the Classroom lesson Loco for Coco affords teachers many opportunities to keep students engaged while tasting chocolate.

Session 7, Saturday, 9:45am-10:30am

Who Grew My Soup?

Applicable Grade Levels: K-4

Applicable Subject Areas: Math, Reading/Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Art, Nutrition

Jackie Jones, Illinois Ag in the Classroom

Join us for this "souper" fun roundtable as Phineas Quinn takes us on a journey to find out where the ingredients in his vegetable soup come from. We'll follow Phin and magical Mr. Mattoo as they fly from farm to farm, learning about amazing vegetables and the farmers who grow them. Teachers and volunteers will leave this roundtable with practical lessons and make-n-takes ready to use in the classroom.

Ag in a Bag

Applicable Grade Levels: Intermediate & Primary Elementary

Applicable Subject Areas: Science & Ag Education

Mary Kensok, 4th Grade Teacher, Central Cass Schools, Casselton, ND

Get ready to learn about North Dakota agriculture! While ND is the 4th least populated state per square mile, it ranks #1 in the production of 15 agricultural commodities in the nation (2009 USDA Stats)! Join this engaging hands-on roundtable session of learning about common Midwest grains. Each participant will leave with a “deck” of cards illustrating common grains grown in the midwest, trivia to boost your knowledge base, and a bag FULL of goodies to support your mission of educating youth about agriculture’s role in learning & life!

Fun with Seed Packs

Applicable Grade Levels: K-5

Applicable Subject Areas: Science

Lynn Stadelmeier, Virginia Ag in the Classroom

Learn new ways to utilize and repurpose seed packs in the classroom. Roundtable participants will take home a new germination activity as well as extensions for math and language arts. Come join the fun and sprout success in your classroom!