Farmer Information Sheet



Prefix (Prof./Dr./Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms): 

First Name:    

Last Name:    

Farm Name:




Postal Code:    

Florida County:  






Product availability Late July/Early August (ex: fresh, frozen, value-added).

Be descriptive as possible.

Food Product

i.e., variety/type, color, size, etc.

Available Volume to Sell
e.g., 75 bl corn; 100bl beef; 30 gl milk
Price/Unit of Measurement
e.g., $2.00/lb

First Product

Second Product (if applicable)

Third Product (if applicable)

Fourth Product (if applicable)

Fifth Product (if applicable)

If you are willing to donate any of your produce to the conference, please indicate the product(s) and amount(s) you would be willing to donate in the box below. Please be as descriptive as possible. Include the Fair Market Value (FMV) of the donated product.

Is the donation in addition to product indicated in the previous table under “Available Volume to Sell”?  
        Yes  /  No

Is your farm/food business registered on Florida Food Connect website? (formerly Fl Market Maker)           Yes  /  No

Do you have farm/product insurance?  Yes  /  No

If you answered yes above what type of insurance do you have?


Do you have the required permits to sell your product?  Yes  /  No

If yes, please list your permits:


Do you have the ability to distribute your product to the event location?  Yes  /  No

Location: Osceola Heritage Park 1875 Silver Spur Lane, Kissimmee, FL 34744


Have you ever submitted an application to sell produce for past small farms conferences?  Yes  /  No


Please check the following:

Terms of Agreement:

 Do you certify that the products you are offering are Florida grown, raised and/or processed  Yes  /  No



 -- UF has the right to accept or decline any products offered
 -- UF will not consider retail pricing


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