Everglades Field Trip

Post-conference field trip to Florida Everglades on April 22, 2016.
DSC08936 DSC08809 DSC08811 DSC08825
DSC08834 DSC08841 DSC08842 DSC08846
DSC08848 DSC08852 DSC08860 DSC08863
DSC08975 DSC08983  Sunset on the Florida Bay DSC09000   Osprey Fun Facts  Ospreys readily build their nests on manmade structures such as telephone poles, channel markers, and duck blinds. DSC09064
IMG 5889 IMG 5896 IMG 5900 IMG 5941
IMG 5950 everglades 6 funny face Jennifer on boardwalk
kevin kotun park ranger 2 park ranger sky
slog smile snake 1 snake 2
snake 3 snake 4 snake 5 snake 6
snake 7 snake 8 snake 9 snake 10
snake guy sunset swamp vultures