4th International Bemisia Workshop
December 3-6, 2006

– and –

International Whitefly Genomics Workshop
December 7-8, 2006

Hawk's Cay Resort l Duck Key, Florida USA

Abstracts from the 4th International Bemisia Workshop have now been published in the Journal of Insect Science at: www.insectscience.org/8.04/


We would like to express appreciation to editor Henry H. Hagedorn for making this valuable resource available to all.



The 5th International Bemisia Workshop will be held in 2009 in Guangzhou China. Congratulations to Dr. Fang-Hao Wan and Dr. Shunxiang Ren and their teams at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the South China Agricultural University for a successful campaign. Please check their website for further information on this important meeting. Congratulations also to Dr. Emmanouil Roditakis and his team at the National Agricultural Research Foundation in Crete for a tremendous effort and for their willingness to host the 6th Bemisia Workshop, possibly in 2012. Thank you to everyone who answered the survey. We look forward to seeing you and your colleagues all at both these events!



Post Conference Recap

Dear Colleagues –


It’s hard to believe that two months have flown by since the 4th International Bemisia and International Whitefly Genomics workshops were held in gorgeous Duck Key, Florida.  We had a truly wonderful time organizing the sessions and planning events and trust that you had a memorable time as well in the sunny Florida Keys. We wish to thank all of you for making the effort to join us and wish that this meeting met with your hopes and expectations.  We would also like to thank the many sponsors of the workshops who were so generous with their support which afforded us the opportunity to make the event very spectacular.  A special thank you to all the session leaders who did such a fantastic job organizing the five sessions that covered a broad spectrum of whitefly research including biotypes and genomics, biology and ecology, damage potential and vector relations, chemical control and resistance management, and IPM and biological Control. Our objective was to provide a forum for scientific exchange in a pleasing setting that would benefit all attendees and the communities they represent. The venue was extraordinarily warm and inviting with numerous networking functions that allowed attendees to interact, share lessons learned, spend time re-connecting with colleagues or forging new collaborations.  Please take a moment to view all the great photos from the two workshops on the website: www.conference.ifas.ufl.edu/bemisia. You may also download both the group photos for printing at your convenience. 


Invited speakers from around the world presented research and management tactics conducted in their respective geographic regions and areas of expertise. Sessions were arranged with a slate of invited speakers followed by discussion, comments, and questions. Attendance was truly international with more than 120 people from 25 different countries participating.  The Bemisia workshop included 45 formal lectures and nearly 60 poster presentations which are slated to be published in the Journal of Insect Science along with the whitepaper produced as a result of the whitefly genomics workshop. The genomics workshop was well attended with representatives from eight different countries and all participants cooperated in laying the groundwork for a Whitefly Genomics Whitepaper.  Attendees from both workshops included government and university researchers and policy makers, extension personnel, regulatory officials, members of industry, growers and marketers, and students.


Those workshop participants more inclined toward practical agriculture were able opt for a field trip to Homestead, the most southern agricultural region of mainland U.S.  After a stop at the Miami-Dade County Cooperative Extension Office to pick up our agent guides, we headed out to meet with a local tomato grower who described his battles with B. tabaci and TYLCV.   Unfortunately for the grower but fortunately for the participants, there was plenty to see.  The next stop was Costa nurseries, a grower of ornamental plants producing their own Beauvaria bassiana.  A tour through the production facility was provided by technician Teresa Vazquez who brought the rustic but practical technology from her home Cuba.  Following lunch at the Tropical Research and Education Center, an experiment station run by the University of Florida, entomologists Catherine Mannion and Dakshina Seal described their programs and showed off their labs and study plots.  Following a tour of the Center’s tropical plant collection the group loaded up for the trip back south to Duck Key.


Colleagues from China, Morocco and Greece have expressed interest in hosting the next Bemisia workshop. We have requested a short proposal from each and will soon forward these to workshop attendees for their input on the 5th International Bemisia workshop venue and date.



Philip A. Stansly
University of Florida/IFAS
Southwest Florida REC
Immokalee, Florida USA
Cindy McKenzie
US Horticultural Research Laboratory
Fort Pierce, Florida USA


The Book - Bemisia: Bionomics and Management

We are pleased to report that Springer Science and Business Media has agreed to publish the volume Bemisia: Bionomics and Management.

Click here for a description and outline of the planned book.

Presentation Recap:

A total of 105 abstracts were submitted for this joint endeavor, and the Bemisia Workshop featured 45 oral presentations and 60 poster presentations.

Click here to view the final agenda of Speaker Presentations.

Click here to view the final Directory of Poster Presentations.

The Bemisia Workshop entailed FIVE in-depth sessions focusing on the following Bemisia topics:

  • Biology and Ecology

  • Damage Potential and Vector Relations

  • Chemical Control and Resistance Management

  • IPM and Biological Control

  • Biotypes and Genomics

The opening plenary featured three excellent keynote presentations:

  • Bemisia Research: Past, Present & Future – Dan Gerling, Professor, Department of Zoology, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv, Israel – and – Paul De Barro, Stream Leader, Preparedness, CSIRO Entomology, Queensland, Australia

  • Invasion and Response: Impacts of Bemisia on Worldwide Agriculture – Lance S. Osborne, Associate Center Director, Professor, IPM-Biological Control of Insects & Mites, Mid-Florida Research & Education Center, Apopka, FL, USA

  • US Actions – Osama A El-Lissy, Director, USDA-APHIS-PPQ, Riverdale, MD, USA

Sponsor Recognition:

We would like to express special appreciation to the 15 sponsors whose contributions made the 2006 Workshop possible. Please join us in thanking them by taking a moment to visit their web sites.

We hope you will make plans to join us for the next International Bemisia Workshop. If you would like to see what the workshop entails, click below to proceed to the original 2006 workshop web site.

There were many memorable moments experienced during the workshop. Click on the links below to view photographs taken throughout the event.

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Group Photo from Bemisia Workshop

 Group Photo from Whitefly Genomics Workshop

Workshop Abstract Book (PDF format)

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